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Help Miracle LANDYN of YORK, PA get her own Give Music Bumpboxx. You can Help GIVE Miracle Kids

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Meet our next Miracle Kiddos in line to be Receiving thier very own Give Music Tour Bumpboxx Flare 6. With everyone chipping in support here you can contribute to the $260 total needed to fully sponsor a Give Bumpboxx Flare 6 for each of them this year. Every time $260 is reached a Miracle Kid on the Give Music waiting list will recieve a Give Music Bumpboxx Flare 6. Each kiddo is featured in our pictures here and in order from left to right that will be receiving the gifts. This is our platform to make smaller donations or large ones all add up so that each Miracle kiddo we have selected from the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals & Give Full Circle Plan will get a Give Music Tour Bumpboxx gift this year before, during or after thier visit at the hospitals. All donations here help make it possible to sponsor these Miracle Kiddos a gift from out Give Music Tour Music for Miracles Program. When you order your donation style simply click the pick up option in the shipping area of check out so you don’t pay shipping on your donation. Thank you

Meet all 5 of 2021 Give Music Tour Music for Miracles Kiddo Ambassador & Miracle children.

Give Music for Miracles Ambassador 1

1. MEET LANDYN of YORK, PA in the cover picture. She will be first Give Miracle Ambassador kiddo to Receive a Give Music for Miracles Bumpboxx when goal is met or Give bumpboxx is sponsored.

She is 13 and has had 30 surgeries/procedures.
She was born at 32 weeks
3lbs 7 ozs
She was very sick and almost died several times that day.
Her adopted parents were able to meet her when she was a little over a month old.

She had already had back,neck and brain surgery. Oh also a stomach surgery
After they met her she had a feeding tube placed

She was born with Spina bifida
Chiari malformation 2
Neurogenic bowel and bladder
Temporal pallor of optic disc

She has since been DX’d with

Tethered spinal cord
Dislocated hip
Obstructive sleep apnea
Heat intolerance
Skin sensitivity
Delayed visual maturation
Failure to thrive

Her adopted parents brought her home from Hershey NICU when she was a 2 1/2 months old

They adopted her before she was one

Miracle Landyn faces many challenges as she is wheelchair bound. She has a VP shunt in her head that has malfunctioned a couple times which then needs brain surgery to replace.
She has terrible bladder issues as her bladder was too small. They made it bigger but she still has problems.
She has had several bladder surgeries

Miracle Landyn keeps he adopted parents on our toes. She never presents with typical symptoms. So she keeps us and the Doctors guessing they said.

She is 13 and has had 30 surgeries/procedures.

Rhonda Lucky (adopted Mom) "When she is in the hospital I always stay with her. She is never left alone. Our family is put on hold when Landyn is in the hospital. We all focus on helping her get better."

"Landyn is well know for her beautiful smile and always being happy.
She is an amazing young lady and we couldn’t love her anymore." Says her family

2021 Give Music Tour Miracle Child - JOELLA (2nd picture) who needed 15+ surgeries, has more Wednesdays.

Meet Joella
Age 5, Lewisberry
Joella was born at 35 weeks and immediately transported by ambulance to Penn State Children’s Hospital where she was diagnosed with VACTERL association, a series of birth defects. To save her life, Joella underwent 15 surgeries before she was six months old. Joella’s health is now stable, but she continues to need services including physical therapy, speech therapy and vision services. She also has a feeding tube.
Donations to Children’s Miracle Network have purchased the ambulance Joella needed and the Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) machine used during one of her open heart surgeries. Children’s Miracle Network also supports the Child Life and Music Therapy programs, which help Joella cope with her hospital appointments and procedures.
Joella recently began preschool and enjoys riding her bike, baking and watch
NASCAR! She also loves sharing her story and raising money for what she calls her “special network.”
We’re thrilled to share that Joella is our 2021 CMN Hospitals Champion Child for Penn State Children’s Hospital and can’t wait to witness the miracles she’ll help create for kids like her.



5. Meet Give Music for Miracles Ambassador ELLA
(her picture is 5 picture from left)

Heather and Jesse McKee’s daughter Ella Rose was 2 years old in 2019 when she was diagnosed with vanishing white matter disease (VWMD) a rare progressive, genetic brain disease that has no cure. This disease affects Ella’s fine and gross motor skills. Ella is now 4 years old and due to weekly physical, occupational, and speech therapies she is making tremendous strides. As expected, the McKee’s and their 11-year old son, Ethan, were devastated to learn that their happy and beautiful girl’s life would ultimately be cut short by this horrible disease. Because of the rarity of this condition, Ella must be seen outside of Charlotte at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. However, in September of 2020, the McKee’s received a glimmer of hope. There is a clinical drug trial in Amsterdam that has the ability to stop the progression of Ella’s disease. The trial will likely take place this spring and there is a strong chance Ella will be selected for it. While her treatment costs in the trial would be covered, travel expenses are the responsibility of the family. The McKee’s are forever grateful for any contribution you can make as it can help support them with the costs of Ella’s therapies, equipment, and/or travel if Ella is selected for this study.


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